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Why 2021 Is the Year to Invest in IT Support Services

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    While technology has long played an integral role in workplace operations, its significance has become all the more clear in light of this year’s developments. With strict COVID-related health and safety measures, businesses have transitioned to a more remote-friendly workplace where employees either work from home full-time or part-time to limit staff on-site. This shift creates a new dynamic where businesses need to keep remote employees connected and manage them.

    Naturally, modern technologies have emerged as a way to help bridge this gap. But small- to medium-size businesses also recognize the other factors that play into this investment — from the time and costs that go into their setup and configuration to the uncertainties that can create roadblocks and push back efforts. That’s where IT support services come into the picture.

    How IT Support Services Can Benefit Your Business

    Reduce Operational Costs

    While COVID-19 has hit different industries in different ways, economic uncertainties in the future have prompted businesses to take a more proactive stance to reduce operational costs in 2021. With the productivity that tools like SCCM and Office 365 provide, such investments support these efforts — but they also require a specialized IT professional to properly set up, configure and install the solution first.

    IT support services are designed to address this need, without tipping the scale on your balance sheet. Instead of directing expenditure toward recruiting, training and supporting new employees, businesses can work with IT consultants that specialize in their specific area(s) of focus. What’s more, when a technology is properly implemented, the system becomes easier to use as well as maintain — leading to greater efficiencies and fewer issues to handle down the road.

    Eliminate Potential Risks

    Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of cyber attacks hasn’t just increased, they’ve also become more severe in nature. As Security Magazine reports, cyber criminals are taking advantage of the fact that more employees are working from home and exploiting this remote access to compromise and steal data. While protecting data requires various layers of system security, it begins with the infrastructure of the technologies that businesses implement.

    Leveraging IT support services help establish a secure foundation for your business data. Consider Microsoft Intune as an example. Whereas providing access to users can often be a gray area for internal IT teams — one that opens up the door for unauthorized access — an IT consultant who specializes in this solution can step in and make sure all of the proper security policies and settings are in place for device enrollment. While your environment stays secure, such standardization will keep you organized on the back end and more agile in the future.

    Enhance Business Focus

    Earlier this year, IT professionals felt the pressure to swiftly help employees move to a remote working environment. While this initial step was performed for business continuity, the question is now one of how to further improve operations. According to findings from a recent IT report, 36% of businesses plan to improve IT operations and systems performance, 30% plan to create training aids to support remote employees, and 27% plan to redefine disaster recovery plans to account for additional scenarios.

    In-house IT professionals have a lot on their plate in 2021, which is why it’s critical they have the support they need to accomplish these initiatives. IT support services fulfill this purpose. While IT consultants use their expertise to navigate complex technology solutions, internal IT teams can focus their attention on the core business functions that matter the most.

    As a provider of IT support services, TecSetGo can help your business reap the benefits of complex technology solutions without weighing down your internal IT team. Check out our full list of services.

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