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SCCM Infrastructure

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, or SCCM, is a software management suite from Microsoft that lets administrators manage all of an enterprise’s devices and applications from a single console. This centralized management encompasses operating system deployment as well as network security, with access to relevant control tools.

SCCM has the power to deliver substantial benefits from a productivity and protection standpoint.

The real ROI, of course, ties back to the SCCM infrastructure. Businesses need to fully understand the capabilities of the product, learn how to navigate its complex intricacies and have a clear plan on how to adapt to changes in order to initiate and maintain a healthy SCCM infrastructure.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to fall just on the shoulders of internal personnel. The TecSetGo team can step in to handle the setup and configuration of your SCCM infrastructure.

TecSetGo Will Work With You To…


Maximize Usage Capacity

In many cases, businesses may only use 20% of SCCM’s product capabilities. We’ll ensure that you’re making the most of the product without causing interruptions to your day-to-day activities.


Effectively Manage Upgrades

System upgrades are critical to security and the user experience — but they aren’t always straightforward. We’ll manage your upgrades to improve the stability and use of your system.


Maintain Client Health

It’s not uncommon for clients to drop off the console, or for old data to filter through the SCCM. We take a proactive route to maintain endpoint client health and overall environmental health.

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