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Microsoft Intune

Employee productivity is no longer limited to a designated workspace. Today’s workforce relies on mobile devices and apps to conduct business while on the move — and Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based mobile device and application management tool, supports these initiatives. Users can access corporate data from mobile devices and apps (as well as laptops), and businesses have the means to ensure that sensitive data remains protected.

While clear benefits drive the purchase of Microsoft Intune, the management of this subscription-based service tends to be somewhat of a gray area.

There are often unanswered questions around how to implement the service, how to provide access to users and how to integrate this tool with other software management tools like SCCM.

TecSetGo steps in to fill these gaps. We’ll guide you on how to best implement Microsoft Intune and configure it to your environment while following a standardized process to deploy apps and enroll devices.

TecSetGo Will Work With You To…


Choose Proper Implementation

With two iterations of Microsoft Intune available — standalone and hybrid — we’ll assess data in your current environment to decide which deployment option best suits your IT infrastructure.


Maintain Businesses Standards

Our team will set up and configure Microsoft Intune so it includes the rights, settings and security your business requires. The same goes for policies and profiles we’ll deploy to targeted groups.


Streamline Enrollment Process

Based on your use cases and business requirements, we’ll enroll devices into Microsoft Intune. Creating groups maintains organization, while a hierarchy preserves the environment’s security.

The Different Checkpoints in Our Microsoft Intune Services

  • Prerequisites/Dependencies
  • Gather Current Environment Data
  • Setup and Configure Microsoft Intune Environment
  • Identify and Enable Device Platforms
  • Configure and Deploy Policies
  • Configure and Deploy Profiles
  • Configure and Deploy Apps
  • Enroll Devices
  • Documentation & Training

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