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Juggling the management of all Apple devices — from MacBooks to iPads — in an enterprise environment can be time-intensive. The goal of Jamf is to simplify these administrative tasks. Designed specifically to serve the Apple platform, Jamf is an enterprise management software that makes it easy for IT technicians to enroll and configure Apple devices while keeping them up-to-date and secure.

Getting the most out of an investment in Jamf begins with the IT framework that’s built.

 From the installation and configuration of the software to the standards for packaging and deployment, it’s critical that the implementation process is guided by best practices and unique business needs. 

That’s where TecSetGo comes into the picture. While our team manages the applications, packaging and policies around your Jamf implementation to ensure success, your business will have more time to dedicate toward other projects.

TecSetGo Will Work With You To…


Minimize Support Requests

We follow a systematic approach to create and distribute application packages. Because of this, apps are brought down to devices in a consistent manner, which prevents unanticipated issues.


Maintain Proper Compliance

Through our configuration efforts, we’ll make sure every user and device is properly registered with Jamf — as well as implement the proper security and privacy settings to suit your policies.


Take a Proactive Stance

We believe in being proactive and helping our clients be the same. We’ll configure reports to help you troubleshoot future issues, while also providing deliverables upon project completion.

The Different Checkpoints in Our Jamf Services

  • Prerequisites/Dependencies
  • Install & Configure Jamf Pro Server
  • Integrate with Apple Global Service Exchange
  • Set up & Configure Jamf Pro Summary
  • Set up & Configure Jamf Distribution Server Instances
  • Set up & Configure Distribution Points
  • Set up & Configure Jamf Infrastructure Manager Instances
  • Configure Enrollment Settings & Device Enrollment Program
  • Create Operating System Imaging Process
  • Configure User Management
  • Configure Device Management
  • Create Packages for Automated Deployment Using Composer
  • Documentation & Training

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