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Automation Scripts

Consider the case where there are 10,000 machines in an SCCM environment, but only 8,000 are working properly and reporting back data. For IT teams, working through this issue can turn into several hours of work, from identifying which machines are broken (and how they broke) to performing the necessary fixes.

Ideally, businesses could automate these kinds of manual processes — and with automation scripts, they can.

When written clearly and with the right variables in place, these scripts can be used as part of a framework to automate administrative tasks, from the simple to the complex.

Recognizing its value to IT teams, custom automation scripting is one of the services we offer at TecSetGo. Whether you need to write a custom automation script or modify features within a software, we’ll leverage scripting language to help you work smarter.

TecSetGo Will Work With You To…


Increase Business Productivity

With automation scripts working in the background, IT professionals can dedicate more time to other projects. That’s the recipe for a happier workforce and staying competitive in your market.


Lower Administrative Expenses

On average, labor costs are 20%-35% of a business’s gross sales. The ability to automate certain administrative tasks reduces labor needs and allows you to reallocate those funds elsewhere.


Reduce Potential Errors

Manual IT processes naturally introduce more room for error. With a standardized framework built to suit your specific need, you can be confident in the consistency of our automation tools.

The Different Checkpoints in Our Automation Scripts Services

  • Prerequisites/Dependencies
  • Create Script for Automation
  • Documentation & Training

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