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Application Packaging

Businesses strive to be efficient and innovative — and leveraging the right applications (from tools like Salesforce to Slack) is an important piece of that puzzle. In the past, IT professionals had to walk up to individual computers and manually install these apps. Application packaging automates this process by bundling all of the relevant application files, components and information in a single package that automatically comes down to each machine and installs.

A critical part of what makes application packaging successful is standardization.

When apps are automatically deployed to machines, they should all be sent down in the same manner to ensure applications operate the same for every user and that their performance is predictable. All the while, system upgrades must be accounted for so users can access the latest versions.

At TecSetGo, we have experience packaging, automating and standardizing applications for various environments — with experience in application virtualization as well. As a tool agnostic provider, we can work with a variety of tools such as Flexera AdminStudio and Wise Script Editor, PSAppDeploy and even custom VBScript templates. We are also well-versed in scripting languages like PowerShell and C#, among others. We’ll make sure what you need is delivered, with consistency ensured.

TecSetGo Will Work With You To…


Expedite Installation Times

Manually installing apps requires a lot of administrative support. We roll all these manual steps into one automatic install that happens seamlessly and silently in the background, without user interruption. (We can create custom menus to prompt users so they’re aware of an install.)


Minimize Support Issues

When apps don’t run in accordance with business standards, the user experience suffers. Our standardization process delivers reliable performance and thus leads to fewer help desk calls.


Convert with Confidence

As upgraded versions of a technology are made available, the format of existing application packaging needs to change. We’ll handle the rescripting so you can move forward with ease.

The Different Checkpoints in Our Application Packaging Services

  • Prerequisites/Dependencies
  • Develop Application Packaging Standards
  • Assess Current Applications & Packages Within the Environment
  • Package Applications and Packages
  • Documentation & Training

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