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Our Process



Our setup process typically begins with a discovery phase. Once we’re provided access, we’ll enter your IT environment to thoroughly evaluate its setup and structure. The insights we gather from this phase will paint a clear picture of what we can do within the scope of your policies and help us create relevant standards.

When it comes to deploying software, we can install 99% of packages in a silent manner. That means installations take place seamlessly in the background, with no disruptions to worry about. There are, of course, natural disruptions that come with system upgrades, but we make it a point to effectively communicate and prepare users for these delays, while also minimizing them.


Configure & Test

Based on the standards you have in place, we’ll configure your system to suit your environment. While the intricacies of the configuration process vary widely based on the specific project, the goal remains to ensure systems adhere to a business’s performance and security requirements.

Once a system is configured, it’s on to the testing phase. Using a siloed testing environment away from production, we run through a series of scenarios to confirm there are no interruptions to the user and that the system works exactly as anticipated. After we perform quality assurance tests, we have the client and a power user conduct their own tests to ensure satisfaction.


Train & Go

Before wrapping up a project, we’ll meet with the team or individual who owns the relevant IT asset(s) and hold a short training session with them. While sharing an overview of our work, we’ll also leave behind documentation that essentially functions as an operations manual. Here, they’ll find information on how the system works, how to arm it and how to disable it — with visuals included for added guidance.

In some cases, there may be questions that arise as the individuals dive deeper into the system. Whether this occurs in the days or weeks that follow deployment, we want you to know that we are available to help answer these questions and keep your business operations on track.

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